Friday, July 15, 2005

Consciousness in Action

Andrew Beath is the author of Consciousness in Action -- the Power of Beauty, Love, and Courage in A Violent Time. Key ideas discusssed will include: Kindness in the midst of passion, "Not Knowing" and spontaeity in the moment, a world-view with no enemies, joy and freedom from attachments.

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At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Robblets said...

How to be of service and work for a better world, without increasing one's ATTACHMENT to that world... Without coming from a place of "spiritual superiority" or "moral highground"...

If the cause of suffering is never events, but our interpretation or perception of those events, or our attachment to a particular agenda for the world of form, no matter how "enlightened"... where does that leave us in the desire to work for a "better world?"

From the bits I heard about this book, maybe some answers there.

I am an A Course in Miracles student, which states quite clearly that there is no gain in pointing out, dwelling on or attacking the errors of others. It only serves to keep the error and all illusion real in our belief system.

Thanks for this "place to ponder!"

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Michael: Thanks for your wonderful radio program--it is my weekly dose of sanity which helps to recenter me and confirm that I am not the only one who considers that what is happening environmentally, economically, politically, and culturally in this country is criminal and very alarming. On a lighter note, your guest last week was fantastic and I just finished reading Wake Up or Break Up--it is fantastic. His down to earth techniques are INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE and have already strengthened and deepened the love being shared with my partner. Thanks for the wonderful programs and all of your wondeful advice each week. My favorite theme is comparative philosophy and when you highlight and contrast all the different philosophies and spiritual traditions to get at the essence of this universal experience we share called LIFE. Along these lines I am wondering if you have read Sam Harris' book called The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. It is a great read and you might consider having him on as a guest (if you haven't already done so). Take care and all the best !!! Mike from Corona


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