Friday, August 19, 2005

Narcissists -- the new American Idol

They can be charming but manipulative "control freaks." They're willing to lie, cheat, and steal in their search for evermore power and control. They can be serial killers, rapists or pedaphiles. Increasingly, they are CEO's, media pundits, and politicians.

They are the "Narcissists" ... a growing phenomenon in our culture that honors materialism, greed, and the appearance of success.

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At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Steve L said...

While this was a good show, Michael, I feel that it was a bit of a rant -- okay, yes, these people are f'kd up narcissists, and most of society is holding them in higher regard than they deserve.

But, WHY are they narcissists?

Because, in my opinion, of the way they were brought up, the values and beliefs instilled in them by their parents, and society. And now these narcissists will be passing on the same drive to their offspring.

So how do we "jump the circuit?"

I guess we need better education regarding fear and ignorance. And for the valuing of truth and authenticity -- Spiritual Values.

P.S. You oughta have your blogs and everything all at ONE site, but then, I'm lazy.


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